3d Assets & Creatures

As a natural extent of imagination, giving life to any kind of object or creature is one of the most passionating part of the job. We encourage the use of multiple tools to give you the best, more realistic modelling of any creatures, characters, objects, mechanical or architectural assets you can think of.

We have created a robust pipeline around a team of senior CGI artists which allow us to master every phase of creation.

From early designs to final render, we take care of all steps of the creation...

CG Effects

Since the earliest steps, THE YARD had the opportunity to create some up the edge particles effects. We can create a limitless range of effects including rain, snow, smoke, fire, debris, water...

Our artists meet their limits when imagination stops...

Matte Painting

THE YARD has always been relying on a team of skilled artists with a strong culture and experience of matte painting. The art of painting combined with CG elements can create this perfect illusion that makes background integration seamless and successful.

We can create entirely new worlds with remarkable photo-realism, using traditional 2D matte painting techniques, as well as digital set reconstruction and full 3D environments.

CG Environments

As a natural extension of matte painting, our artists has a strong knowledge in set extension and CG environnement. We have developed a strong photogrammetry pipeline based upon unique tools that allow us to respond our client complex needs in a timely manner.

Founders of THE YARD have years of experience in productions involving photogrammetry, either done at THE YARD or in other companies. Photogrammetry suits really well building reconstruction and being a technique fully mastered at THE YARD.

Even starting with photos taken pretty far from the subject, we can rebuild an accurate textured model...

Concept Art

Concept art is the critical first step in production. THE YARD could bring together a variety of leading 2D talents to meet any preproduction requirements.

They can bring their creative vision at the earliest step of your project, have a complete understanding of the postproduction needs, and optimize the costs.

OnSet Supervision

THE YARD supervisors have a long experience dealing with shooting supervision. During the process, we make sure every detail is covered to keep the process under control. We adapt to each situation and propose optimized solutions to garanty that director’s vision will be realized on time and budget.

Using our proprietary Ipad Application, the “On-Location Data Capture” Team will collect quickly and conveniently onsite datas to make the post production process smoother and more efficient.


Since art of compositing keeps being the key of successful effects, THE YARD has developed a strong experience in this domain. Whether simple cleaning, beauty work or multilayers integration, our artists always bring a very special care to this crucial milestone.

Details make the difference...

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