Inside the VFX production of Ford v Ferrari

  • 2019-11-21
The Art of VFX Magazine has interviewed Olivier Dumont on the VFX production of Ford v Ferrari and his collaboration with the VFX studios on the film.

In this article, Olivier Dumont, Overall VFX Supervisor at Method Studio, shares his experience on Ford v Ferrari and his collaboration with director James Mangold and also with the VFX studios which were involved in the crafting of 1,100 VFX shots.

Amongst the vendors, The Yard VFX teams have been in charge of all the surrounding elements during Henry Ford’s ride in the GT40, the Los Angeles test track in general and also the establishing shots of the Ford headquarter and the Factory view from the office. The team was also tasked with invisible effects such as the dashboard shots from scratch.

The collaboration with the Yard VFX was simple as I already had a long relationship with the owner and supervisor Laurens Ehrmann. I have to say that, from the get go, the images produced were outstanding.

Olivier DumontOverall VFX Supervisor

Read the full interview by visiting The Art of VFX website here.


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