• 2023-12-05
ICONIC PRO 2023, the event that unites professionals from Montpellier’s dynamic local cultural and creative industries, opens today. Laurens Ehrmann, Founder and CEO of The Yard, will participate in a round table discussion on inspiration with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and writer Jordan Mechner.

Today, on December 5th, ICONIC PRO 2023 is opening its professional sessions with a fantastic lineup of conferences, talks, and round-table discussions to delve into key topics related to the future of the creative industries. Come join this event to listen to experts from gaming, animation, VFX, cinema, audiovisual, and sound as they discuss the future of these industries in a world evolving amidst ecological crises, disruptive technologies, and ethical and societal challenges.

Other themes to be explored include digital sustainability, platform convergence, and inspiration.

Don’t miss today’s round table discussion on the future of storytelling in VFX, cinema, and gaming at 4:00 pm. Laurens Ehrmann, CEO and Founder of The Yard, will share his sources of inspiration and experience as a VFX Supervisor.

December 5th – 4:00pm
Join ICONIC 2023 to listen to Laurens Ehrmann, CEO of The Yard VFX, talking about his sources of inspiration and the future of storytelling.

Exploring Creativity and the Future: from comics to VFX, from animation to fiction, through video games… How do our guests narrate a/their story? What inspires them? How do they convey their emotions to us? And how do they envision the future?

Moderator: Dominique Peyronnet – Director of Campus Artfx Montpellier


  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet – Director and Screenwriter
  • Jordan Mechner – Writer, video game developer, screenwriter, and comic book author
  • Laurens Ehrmann – CEO and Senior VFX Supervisor, The Yard

The full programme of ICONIC PRO session is available on the event’s website here.

Date : December 5th , 2023 

Time : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm / The conference day will be followed by a visit of the Creative City Museum (Musée de la Cité Créative)

Location : Centre Rabelais, 11 rue Maria Blanchard, Montpellier – France

If you can’t join onsite, join the live conference by clicking here

Follow the live of ICONIC Pro 2023 event, that Laurens Ehrmann, CEO of THE YARD VFX will participate in.

About ICONIC :

Organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, ICONIC events are strategically positioned at the confluence of media, offering a panoramic view of the cross-disciplinary nature inherent in creative industries. ICONIC strives to provide a unique perspective on the sources that fuel creativity in Montpellier’s robust sectors, including film, television, video games, animation, comics, sound, dance, music, performing arts, and more. On December 5th, ICONIC Pro attendees will be treated to a dynamic array of talks, dialogues, conferences, friendly gatherings, and rich, surprising exchanges among key players in the creative industries, who share a common passion for their respective professions. They ardently pursue their artistic and creative aspirations, eager to convey their unique visions and inspirations while remaining attuned to the pulse of the world.

As a local company in the cinematographic industry and a winner of the France 2030 « La Grande Fabrique de l’Image » call for project, The Yard has been cordially invited to participate in the ICONIC PRO conference day.


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