‘Les Indesirables’ – now in theatres

  • 2023-12-06
‘Les Indesirables’, also known as ‘Bâtiment 5’, Ladj Ly’s latest feature film, is now released in theatres in France !

Today is the day! ‘Les Indésirables‘ (also known as ‘Bâtiment 5‘ in France), Ladj Ly’s latest feature film, is now released in theaters.

Don’t wait to watch this no-compromise story denouncing the policies that have contributed to unsanitary housing in working-class neighborhoods. Follow Haby, a young woman deeply involved in the life of her community, as she discovers the new redevelopment plan for the neighborhood where she grew up. Led stealthily by Pierre Forges, a young pediatrician propelled into the role of mayor, the plan involves the demolition of the building where Haby grew up. With her loved ones, she embarks on a showdown against the municipality and its grand ambitions to prevent the destruction of Building 5.

If you still need more before booking your seat at the nearest theater, here is a 60-second trailer that has been recently released :

Our teams at The Yard were delighted to provide VFX on the film and renew their collaboration with VFX Supervisor Sebastien Rame for this project. As we look forward to sharing more details about our work, we’re pleased that some questions have arisen in the press. As a hint, watch director Ladj Ly and lead actor Alexis Manenti responding to how the building was destroyed below:


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