• 2024-01-25

‘Halo – Season 2’ will air on Paramount + in two weeks ! In the meantime, check out the new posters of the show, suggesting iconic battle. 

The new poster of 'Halo-Season 2', for which The Yard provided VFX, showcases an iconic battle.
The new poster of 'Halo-Season2', for which The Yard provided VFX, showcases Master Chief and his Spartan-II unit from Silver Team encircled by a mass of Covenant Elites wielding Energy swords on what appears to be the planet of Reach.

GamesRadar+ recently published two new posters for ‘Halo-Season 2,’ showcasing Master Chief and his team of elite Spartans fighting the Covenant to prevent the Fall of Reach.

In the same article, the magazine provides additional details on the plot, revealing that ‘Halo-Season 2′ picks up six months after the first season. Director Otto Barthurst mentioned to Collider that this leap in time allows for significant developments in the storyline, introducing new events and character progressions. Viewers can anticipate being intrigued and surprised as the details of the unfolding narrative gradually come to light.

Halo’s lead actor, Pablo Schreiber, unveiled in an interview with SFX Magazine that Season 2 will also feature a tonal shift. Viewers can expect a much stronger storyline and a more cinematic style.

It's darker, it's more dangerous, all of the stunt and action sequences put you into the battle and inside the fighting. To me, it's a much more effective way to deal with the show. I think [David Wiener, Halo's new showrunner] is just a more gifted writer, to be quite frank. I think his dialogue is better. [..] The art director who came on board, James Foster, is fantastic. He created a visual world that just makes a lot more sense. It's so beautiful, incredibly cinematic. And the dialogue is better. It's just a better season, period.

Pablo SchreiberActor

You’ll soon discover how the teams at The Yard contributed to bring this Season 2’s enhanced universe to screen ! Stay tuned !


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