DAMSEL | New Poster Depicts Empowerment

  • 2024-02-12

Netflix has unveiled a brand new poster of ‘Damsel’, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, depicting a determined, courageous and empowered character. 

Netflix unveils the new poster for 'Damsel', the feature film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, for which The Yard provides VFX.

The brand-new poster of ‘Damsel,’ starring Millie Bobby Brown, has been unveiled. It shows a determined and courageaous Elodie, ready to fight, flipping the script on the traditional fairy tale, as explains director Juan Carlos Fesnadillo in an article published by Netflix  :

It was a very intense journey that I was so excited to design and to develop. At the core, this is such a beautiful story about a young woman becoming a strong, independent, and empowered adult. Elodie doesn’t have any kind of support. It’s a real survival experience.

Juan Carlos FesnadilloDirector
Total Film has published an exclusive picture of 'Damsel', Netflix's upcoming feature film, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, for which The Yard provides VFX.
Image credit: Netflix/Total Film

A recent interview to Total Film reveals that Millie Bobby Brown portrays a young woman facing unexpected challenges on the verge of marriage to a prince. The story unfolds as she confronts a trap that leads her to encounter a fire-breathing dragon in a cave, compelling her to utilize her intelligence to survive.

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo commends Brown’s performance, emphasizing her portrayal of extreme survival. The shoot, based in Portugal, presented significant challenges, particularly filming in intricate cave systems. The director draws thematic inspiration from « Alice in Wonderland, » highlighting the complexity of the environment. Despite the difficulties, Fresnadillo highlights Brown’s resilience in enduring demanding filming conditions, emphasizing the realism and toughness necessary for the film’s believability.

This is a movie about a transformation – about a girl becoming a woman – and you need to really feel the intensity of it. We didn’t want to cheat any of that, and that’s why we pushed all the limits to make this a huge roller coaster of an experience for the audience.

Juan Carlos FesnadilloDirector

With plenty of great things to expect, we are eagerly anticipating watching ‘Damsel‘ on screen on March 8th ! We can’t wait for the audience to discover this story about women’s empowerment on International Women’s Day and to enjoy the VFX done by our teams.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy some first images of this non-traditional fairy tale by watching the teaser video below:


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