Halo – Season 2, an acclaimed video game adaptation

  • 2024-03-14
‘Halo – Season 2’ has received positive feedback from critics, achieving a superb 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The seventh episode of ‘Halo – Season 2‘ is now streaming on Paramount +, and as is customary every week, the press coverage of the series is enthusiastically keeping pace with reviews and spoilers, mirroring the fans’ eagerness for new content.

Since the release of its initial episodes, critics have shown a significantly warmer reception to Paramount’s second installment of this popular video game adaptation. As noted by Tomsguide in its latest article, the first season, spanning nine episodes, debuted to a lukewarm 70% on Rotten Tomatoes from 71 reviewers. Audience reception was even cooler, with a less-than-stellar 52% score based on over 2,500 ratings.

However, it appears that the winds are shifting towards a more favorable second season. The latest serving of « Halo » has garnered a surprising 94% on Rotten Tomatoes from 17 critics, after just two episodes in. The audience score has also risen to 69%. The critics consensus reads as below :

Reloading on surer footing, Halo's streamlined second season is a leaner and meaner dose of sci-fi that comes closer to realizing the property's potential.

Rotten Tomatoes - Critics Consensus on 'Halo - Season 2'

Paramount + also released a video gathering some of the comments from press :

At The Yard, we take immense pride in our contribution of VFX work to bring the latest season of a beloved franchise to the screen.

We certainly won’t be missing today’s new episode, « Thermopylae, » already available for streaming on Paramount +.

'Thermopylae" is the seventh episode of 'Halo-Season 2', to which France-based VFX studio The Yard contributed with their VFX work.

Episode 7 : Thermopylae

John-117 comes face to face with Makee. A revelation leads Ackerson to question his loyalties. Soren and Laera’s relationship begins to fracture. Halsey, Kwan and Miranda work to solve a mystery.


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