Empowering aspiring artists

  • 2024-06-21
The Yard is where projects and talent grow. Learn more about the studio’s commitment to empowering aspiring artists through school-studio partnerships. 

On April 26th, The Yard celebrated its 10th anniversary in Paris, bringing together current and former employees, clients, partners, and supporters. On this occasion, we asked Laurens Ehrmann, the founder and Senior VFX Supervisor, to talk about the studio’s strategy. He highlighted the importance of the transmission of knowledge and expertise that is at the heart of the strong school-studio partnerships in place, notably with ArtFX and Creative Seeds.

Being a supervisor or lead is not just about creating images; it's also about working with teams and sharing knowledge, because we want to nurture the artists who work with us.

Laurens EhrmannFounder and CEO, The Yard VFX

This philosophy underscores The Yard’s commitment to empowering aspiring artists through meaningful collaborations with educational institutions.

As part of the France 2030 plan, « La Grande Fabrique de l’Image, » The Yard’s strategy has focused on forging closer ties with schools, particularly ArtFX and Creative Seeds. The Yard team aims to bring knowledge through masterclasses and actively participate in the steering committees of these schools, providing feedback on what works and what doesn’t, and contributing our experience to the development of their programs.

Most importantly, we ensure that students get a foot in the door by offering internships, allowing them to work alongside seasoned artists, immerse themselves in the post-production process, and confirm their career aspirations. The difference between school and real production is significant, and we strive to support students as best as we can.

Laurens EhrmannFounder and CEO, The Yard VFX

This nurturing environment is what characterizes The Yard: a garden where projects and artists grow.

We interviewed three former interns at The Yard, who are either former or current students at ArtFX, to share their experiences working on demanding productions such as « Halo – Season 2. » Watch the video below to hear more from these former ArtFX interns about their experiences at The Yard and see firsthand the impact of our school-studio partnerships:

Julien Barbieri found his time at The Yard to be both impressive and welcoming. Despite the studio’s renowned reputation, he felt immediately at ease thanks to the supportive and kind people he worked with. This positive environment made his experience very pleasant and memorable.

Theo Lelardeux described his internship as a transformative journey. As his first studio experience, it marked a significant turning point in his career. He emerged from the internship with enhanced confidence in his technical abilities and a solidified approach to production. This experience was pivotal in confirming his career choice in the industry.

Mathieu Bron highlighted the invaluable lessons he learned during his internship, particularly regarding the production pipeline. The experience provided him with critical insights that he applied to future projects, including his final year project at ArtFX. The importance of rigor in daily operations and effective communication were key takeaways for him. He expressed his excitement for the future, having met numerous professionals during his internship. He looks forward to the possibility of working with them again in future productions.


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