‘Halo’ Season 2 showcases the mastery of its VFX teams

  • 2024-06-25
VFX supervisor Wojciech Zielinski unveils behind-the-scenes details of worldbuilding for ‘Halo’ Season 2.

In its latest article, Animation World Network shares behind-the-scene details of the worldmaking of ‘Halo – Season 2.’ VFX Supervisor Wojciech Zielinski talks about adding depth, breadth, and grit to the latest season. 2,596 visual effects shots were crafted on the latest season by around 15 different vendors, including The Yard.

Part of the scope included creating brand-new environments and upgrading assets to align with changes in the narrative. The production designer provided initial concepts for the environments and overall world creation, with the VFX team making necessary modifications during post-production to ensure functionality, while matching with the creative vision. The VFX team was also responsible for designing the spaceships and creatures, showcasing their creative expertise

The Yard, a France - based VFX studio, worked on the VFX of 'Halo - Season 2'.
'Halo - Season 2' - Forerunner City concept art

Wojciech Zielinski explained that the production team strived to capture as much as possible in-camera, whether it be environments, creatures, or action moments, so that the necessary components are available for post-production work. He quoted as a prime example the final battle between the Arbiter and Master Chief, which involved intricate choreography, location pre-planning, and extensive post-production efforts. The sequence was initially shot on location with stunt performers and actors, and later recreated in CG, including the creatures and digital doubles. Additionally, the environment was enhanced to match the lush greenery typical of the Halo world, a crucial detail for authenticity. This involved revisiting the location in Italy to shoot supplementary footage for augmenting the action scenes.

The Yard, a France-based VFX studio, worked on the final battle sequence of 'Halo-Season 2', enhancing the full environment in CG.

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