The Yardeners – Celine Pischetola, Talent Acquisition Manager

  • 2023-12-20
Meet The Yardeners – the passionate team at The Yard, committed to cultivating the seeds of creativity and transforming them into captivating visual effects, fruitful collaborations, and unforgettable stories.
This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Celine Pischetola, our Talent Acquisition Manager. With nearly two decades of experience in the entertainement industry, Celine has held various roles, ranging from artist to director assistant and head of production at esteemed French animation studios before venturing into the field of education. For the past year, she has been an invaluable member of The Yard, seamlessly blending her passion for 3D with her expertise in recruitment.

Hello Céline ! Could you please explain your current role at The Yard ? 

Hello everyone ! I currently serve as the Talent Acquisition Manager at The Yard VFX, where my primary responsibility involves maintaining a keen awareness of emerging talents and proactively engaging with them. I closely collaborate with the production team on recruitment schedules, and once a need is clearly identified, my role is to find the perfect match. My task is to identify the ideal candidate, a process I find both challenging and rewarding.

In overseeing all studio recruitments, spanning from the creative realms to support functions, I work collaboratively with respective teams. Our recruitment endeavors are characterized by a harmonious collaboration with the concerned teams, followed by a streamlined integration process aimed at ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

Additionally, I take charge of integrating our interns and fostering relationships with educational institutions within the industry.

Celine Pischetola, Talent Acqusisiton Manager with Harry Bardak, Head of VFX and Denis Scolan, Head of 2D, representing The Yard VFX at tje job fair of ArtFX Montpellier school.
Celine Pischetola, Talent Acqusisiton Manager with Harry Bardak, Head of VFX and Denis Scolan, Head of 2D, representing The Yard VFX at the job fair of ArtFX Montpellier school.

What do you find great about your current role ?

One of the most enriching aspects of my role is the sheer diversity of individuals and talents I encounter. The opportunity to delve into various backgrounds and engage with unique personalities is not only professionally fulfilling but also adds a dynamic and vibrant dimension to my work.

As a self-proclaimed enthusiast for conversation, I cherish the time spent exchanging stories and insights, recognizing the distinctiveness of each individual journey.

Celine Pischetola, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Fabian Nowak, Head of FX, representing The Yard VFX, warmly welcoming students at the job fair of PIDS 2023.
Celine Pischetola, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Fabian Nowak, Head of FX, representing The Yard VFX, warmly welcoming students at the job fair of PIDS 2023.

What brought you to the film/audiovisual industry ? 

To be honest, I stumbled into entertainment somewhat by chance. During my youthful days as a student, a friend introduced me to a Master’s program in 3D Computer Graphics. With little knowledge about it, I decided to apply simply because it sounded intriguing. Much to my surprise, I was accepted into the program, leading me into a realm I had never truly considered. This serendipitous turn of events immediately captivated me, unveiling a world of possibilities that I hadn’t anticipated.

My journey into the VFX sector has been preceded by a 15-year tenure in the animation industry, where I explored diverse facets ranging from 3D and 2D animation to hybrid forms and puppetry. I have always been particularly focused on 3D, and it was this specialization that eventually led me into the domain of VFX.

My professional trajectory evolved organically, transitioning from an assistant director to roles of increasing responsibility within production, ultimately finding my niche in managing the production of animated TV series and films. The absence of a dedicated recruitment department in the studios I worked in prompted me to take on recruitment responsibilities, a facet I discovered a passion for. This natural inclination culminated in my current role as a Talent Acquisition Manager, a journey that commenced over a year ago with The Yard VFX.

Watch the trailer of ‘Zombillenium’, one of the feature animations Celine worked on as Production Manager.

What are the main challenges in your role ?

Navigating the intricacies of finding the opportune timing constitutes a significant challenge in my role. Aligning the availability of artists with our project requirements requires meticulous planning and execution. Beyond this, maintaining impeccable organization is paramount in the recruitment process, demanding the ability to seamlessly transition between diverse aspects while retaining a holistic perspective.

Stepping back from the day-to-day operations, I also grapple with substantial industry issues, including fostering diversity and gender parity.

As Talent Acquisition Manager, Celine Pischetola considers that one of the main challenges is to create the conditions where various factors or opportunities from different parties need to come together or synchronize for something to happen.

What major evolution do you see upcoming in your field of expertise ?

I hope for significant advancements in gender equality within our industry. While there is a gradual increase in the representation of women in technical domains such as rigging, FX, and development, achieving true parity remains a huge challenge to overcome. Active participation in driving these positive changes is not only commendable but imperative for the continued evolution of our industry.

What are the key tips you’d give to anyone who would like to join The Yard ?

Prospective candidates aiming to join The Yard VFX should harbor a genuine desire for professional growth, relish the prospect of undertaking fresh challenges, and display a keen interest in contributing to ambitious projects.

Additionally, adhering to some fundamental tips can significantly enhance one’s candidacy, including thorough research on the studio and its expertise, presenting a portfolio aligned with the studio’s projects, maintaining an updated CV or LinkedIn profile, and leveraging networking opportunities.

Celine’s 5 Tips for successful application :

Any piece of advice you’d give to students willing to work in talent acquisition ?

For aspiring Talent Acquisition Managers, a robust understanding and passionate interest in the industry are pivotal. Comprehending the sector’s challenges, the unique requirements of collaborators, and their working methodologies are crucial for providing meaningful recruitment support.

Cultivating a genuine curiosity, staying abreast of production processes, and fostering a deep knowledge of the industry are essential attributes for success in this role.

For Celine Pischetola, The Yard's Talent Acquisition Manager, recruiting for VFX requires a robust understanding and passionate interest in the industry

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