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The TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Productions) is granted by the CNC (French National Center for Cinema, TV and the moving image) to French Production services companies. It amounts 30 % of the qualifying expenditures incurred in France or up to 40% if the French VFX expenses are more than €2M.

Don’t wait to consider this opportunity ! In 2022, 101 projects benefitted from TRIP, up from 62 in 2021.


Our team at The Yard VFX is here to help you with the tax rebate incentive.

We have worked on multiple productions which benefited from TRIP – some examples below:

A full list of projects can be found on the CNC website here.

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The tax rebate amounts to 30% of the following pre-tax expenses (or 40%, if the French VFX expenses are more than €2M) :

  • salaries and wages paid to French or EU of writers, actors (up to the minimum set in collective bargaining agreements), direction and production staff (wages and incidentals) including the related social contributions ;
  • expenditures incurred to specialized companies for technical goods and services ;
  • transportation, travel and catering expenditures ;
  • depreciation expenses .

It is capped at €30 million per project, which means €100M in eligible expenditures.


Projects including a substantial amount of VFX, may be eligible for a 40% Tax Rebate on all eligible expenses. The 10% bonus applies to projects with more than €2M of VFX-related French expenditure. Once the €2M threshold is passed, the 40% tax rebate applies on all of a project’s eligible spends, including live action spends which are not VFX-related.

To qualify, they must:

  • be works of fiction (feature film, single or several episodes of a series, or a whole season) ;
  • include more than €2M in VFX-related eligible French expenses ;
  • pass a cultural test .

As to VFX-related spends, they are expenses carried out by a service provider established in France and related to digital processing of shots allowing the addition of characters, decorative elements or objects participating in the action, or modifying the rendering of the scene, or the camera point of view.

Also, VFX-only projects with no filming in France are eligible to the TRIP if they respect two conditions:

  • 15% of the shots, or on average one and a half shots per minute, are digitally processed (on the whole film) ;
  • more than 50% of the French spend is VFX/post-production expenditures .


The TRIP is selectively granted by the CNC to French production services companies who are in charge of shooting in France in compliance with a contract entered into with a non-French production company.

The French production services company that you choose has to be in charge of :

  • supplying the artistic and technical means for making the feature film or TV project concerned ;
  • managing the material operations for its making and monitoring its proper execution .

The French production services company will receive the TRIP through their yearly tax return.


To qualify, a project must:

  • be a fiction film (live action or animation, feature film, short film, TV special, single or several episodes of a series, or a whole season); documentaries are not eligible ;
  • shoot at least 5 days in France for live action production ;
  • spend a minimum of €250 000 (or at least 50% of their total production budget) spent on French qualifying expenditures ;
  • pass a cultural test specific to each genre (live action or animation), including elements related to the French culture, heritage, and territory.

For detailed information about Tax Rebate for International Productions (TRIP), visit Film France website here.

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