ICONIC 2023 – Inspirations

  • 2023-12-19
Watch the replay of the ICONIC’s round table discussion with Laurens Ehrmann, CEO, and Senior VFX Supervisor at The Yard, on the sources of inspiration in an evolving art industry.

In a renewed format that emphasizes talks, dialogues, and constructive exchanges, ICONIC Pro, on December 5, was designed to address all the major cross-cutting challenges faced by professionals in the ICC, both in the video game and animation, visual effects, cinema, television, music, and sound industries…

How to evolve in a rapidly changing cultural and creative ecosystem? How to reduce environmental and climatic impact? How to bring different worlds together? Towards global editorial platforms?

The first three roundtable discussions, while addressing the topic of financing, synthesized all the questions currently arising in various sectors of the ICC. The day concluded with a roundtable on a theme where everyone had much to say: inspiration, or rather, inspirations.

Join ICONIC 2023 to listen to Laurens Ehrmann, CEO of The Yard VFX, talking about his sources of inspiration and the future of storytelling.

Laurens Ehrmann, CEO and Senior VFX Supervisor at The Yard, was invited to participate in a panel discussion to explore creativity and the future of storytelling with the famous French director and screenwriter Jean-Pierre Jeunet, writer, video game developer, screenwriter, and comic book author Jordan Mechner, and Director of  Artfx Montpellier Campus Dominique Peyronnet.

Laurens Ehrmann participated in a panel discussion about sources of inspiration.

Together, they discussed the meaning they give to their respective professions, highlighting their passion for storytelling, collaboration in creating and undoing to serve stories, and connecting audiences with new worlds.

They also talked about the place and impact of technological evolutions, such as CG, AI, among others, on their professions and their way of creating content, directing actors, and writing scenarios while still conveying ideas and emotions. They agreed on considering these as tools to unleash the imagination and to create opportunities to bring together creatives and technicians.

One of the examples mentioned was Albert Dupontel’s films. Laurens Ehrmann shared The Yard’s experience on ‘Second Tour,’ reminding that invisible effects that support the narrative are as successful as heavy VFX.

They also touchbased on the export of French IPs abroad, the concern that the entertainment industry for reducing environmental impact, and many more.

If you’ve missed the event, you can catch up by watching the recording here (in French) :


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