The Yard, a thoughtful strategy that makes French talent shine

  • 2024-01-23
The Yard is in the press! Laurens Ehrmann has been interviewed by the French trade press, Ecran Total, reflecting on The Yard’s approach and vision to address the challenges ahead in the global film industry, disrupted by the Hollywood strikes.

Laurens Ehrmann, founder and CEO of The Yard, recently shared insights on the studio’s strategy with the French trade press, Ecran Total. You will find below a summary in English.

A controlled growth to preserve quality work

The Yard provided 110 VFX shots for 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny'

Established in 2014, The Yard VFX has undergone significant growth, expanding from 10 artists to 100 within 18 months, with an 11-fold increase in revenue, as highlighted by Laurens Ehrmann. This growth has enabled the studio to attract major international projects, including films like « Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, » shortlisted for the Oscars 2024 for best visual effects, as well as « John Wick 4. »

The studio actively contributes to the vitality of French cinema with films like « Second Tour » and « Notre Dame on Fire, » the latter winning the César Award in 2023 for best visual effects.

Additionally, The Yard VFX takes pride in being a laureate of the « La grande fabrique de l’image » call for projects as part of the France 2030 plan.

Calibrated resilience to accompany the restart of Hollywood

Discover the new poster of 'Halo-Season 2', that will air on Paramount + on February, 8th.

Despite the global shortage of work, The Yard VFX has continued to secure impressive international projects, such as the second seasons of the series ‘The Rings of Power‘ on Amazon Prime and ‘Halo‘ on Paramount+, along with the film ‘Damsel‘ on Netflix. Client trust in The Yard’s uncompromised quality of work and relationships has facilitated a continuous flow of ambitious projects despite the challenging context.

Currently, major studios are looking to catch up and are planning to resume filming this summer. The activity, previously staggered, will concentrate and create a logistical bottleneck, partly due to actors’ scheduling. The Yard VFX is already prepared to manage this peak in activity. The company has consciously chosen to retain the majority of its artists during this uncertain period caused by strikes, preparing for the future with vision and care.

The strength of having retained our artists will enable us to respond to the demand more quickly.

Laurens EhrmannFounder and CEO, The Yard VFX

A development rooted in regions to attract talent

The Yard participated in the inauguration of ArtFX's new campus in Lille by hosting two conferences, including one with Tim Webber.

Beyond the resurgence of activity, the rise of highly sought-after technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence presents a significant recruitment challenge. The Yard VFX has formed partnerships with top visual effects schools, such as ARTFX in Montpellier and Lille, to enhance students’ professional experience and integrate the best talents. Laurens Ehrmann describes The Yard as « the garden that nurtures talents, » emphasizing it as their strategy for internal development.

To be an attractive employer, The Yard VFX is strengthening its presence in regions. Last summer, the company established itself in Montpellier, near PICS Studio, a cinematographic creation hub, and plans to set up soon in Rennes and Angoulême. Laurens Ehrmann highlights the need for artistic professions to exchange ideas, showcase work, and brainstorm in human-sized spaces. The quality of life in regions is an opportunity to attract French talents who have returned to Europe. Offering the possibility of remote work also changes the game for young artists.

The representatives of PICS Studio, Dark Matters and ArtFX with Cecile Barral of La Region Occitanie and Laurens Ehrmann, founder and CEO of The Yard VFX
From left to right: Véronique Cuilhe (PICS Studio), Jean Louis Eude (Dark Matters Solutions), Alain Guiraudon, Jacques Vienne and Sébastien Giraud (PICS Studio), Laurens Ehrmann (The Yard), Cécile Barral (Occitanie Region), Antoine Pietrera (PICS Studio), Luc Pourrinet and Simon Vanesse (ArtFX) (©naïri)

Through its contributions to cinematic and audiovisual creation, as well as its membership in the Visual Effects Society and other professional associations, The Yard actively participates in promoting the French visual effects industry. The studio works towards gaining recognition for the expertise and essential profession in cinematography and audiovisual expression, regardless of the narrative forms they take.

The full article can be read in the #1453 issue of Ecran Total by clicking here.


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