The Yard showcased in Axiom Reel

  • 2024-02-16

Discover the new Axiom reel by Theory Accelerated, showcasing The Yard’s FX work ! 

Theory Accelerated has published their latest Axiom reel. Our teams at The Yard were very pleased to see many of their FX work showcased.

Watch the reel below ! You’ll recognize some of our work on feature films such as « Murder Mystery 2« , « John Wick: Chapter 4, » « Les Indésirables, » « Father and Soldier, » and the 2023 César winner for Best VFX, « Notre Dame on Fire. » We’ve also used Axiom to deliver high-quality VFX for streaming platforms’ series, such as « All The Light We Cannot See.« 

The use of Axiom in The Yard’s FX work is key, as explained by Fabian Nowak, Head of FX:

The strategic decision to heavily utilize Matt Puchala’s Axiom solver from the inception of our FX Department has been game-changing. It empowers us to harness the full potential of our GPUs, drastically accelerating simulation times and enabling numerous iterations in record time. In our field, this is an invaluable advantage !!

Fabian NowakHead of FX and FX Supervisor

Congratulations to all the team at Theory Accelerated !


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