The Yard expected in Rennes and Angouleme

  • 2023-08-03
The Yard is in the press ! Winner of the call for France 2030 project ‘La Grande Fabrique de l’Image’, The Yard has exposed its plan to open new studios in France. 

As part of its France 2030 plan, The Yard has submitted the opening of new studios in several regions in France. Past June 20, The Yard inaugurated its new site in Montpellier  , a first key milestone in its expansion plan and to contribute to vitalize regional film industry in France by getting closer to talent. As Laurens Ehrmann, Founder and CEO of The Yard, stated :

Talents no longer go to companies. Companies must come to the talents ! By opening a new studio in Montpellier, we wish to support the careers of talented students and professionals in VFX by allowing them to stay in the region.

Laurens EhrmannFounder and CEO of The Yard VFX

As part of its plan, The Yard is also expected in other regions, in Rennes (Britanny) and in Angouleme (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), as shown in the local press :


In this interview, François-Xavier Jullien, in charge of cultural and creative industries development at Rennes Métropole, talks about the booming local industry and the development plans of studios and schools, including those of The Yard’s strategic partner Creative Seeds :

« Rennes and Brittany had no fewer than 5 winning projects in the « Grande Fabrique de l’image » call for projects […] [including] the Creative seeds school [and] The Yard company, which will eventually set up a branch in Rennes. »

Read the full article here.

« En Thérapie, Salade grecque, Indiana Jones 5, X-Men first class… What do these blockbusters and hit series have in common? Laurens Ehrmann and The Yard VFX, his special effects production company, feature in the credits. For Notre-Dame brûle, the artist even won the 2023 César award for best visual effects. The Paris-based company is now planning to open an office in Angoulême, within the next 18 to 24 months. »

Charente Libre

Charente Libre Journal has written an article about The Yard VFX future developments in Angouleme, France

Read the full article here.


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